Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why I love Men in Flannel Shirts

Okay, so clearly I'm still stalling - but what is the value of this blog if not to just try to give you a little chuckle… At this point who cares what the fucking content is?

I clearly don't. haha. Hence, this blog post :-)

So yes, as you read in the title of this bog, I will be talking about men in flannel shirts. How did this idea come about?

Well, right now I am working a part-time at a restaurant, although my manager is adorable in every-way, everyone at work took great notice last night, as he cut his hair a bit and through on an orange, red with thin black striped flannel shirt.

My other boss, the General Manager consulted me to see what kind of "lumberjack" joke he could use to make fun of my manager….I suggested calling him "Johnny Apple-Seed" but in the end I think he opted for calling him "Paul Bunyan" which I guess made more sense.

Here's Paul Bunyan:

Here is a pic of Johnny Appleseed:

See? Johnny doesn't really wear flannel shirts, I realized. I guess if my Manager came into work wearing frayed capris with no shoes on, we could call him Johnny Appleseed. So we'll just have to wait and see what he wears next ;-)

But back to the topic of flannel shirts. So, clearly my General Manager didn't get it, because while he was thinking of ways to make fun of him for wearing a flannel shirt, me and the rest of the girls at work were trying to figure out why he looked so great!

I had to compliment him twice! "You look great,man, so young, so hip…might I add…swwweeexy?"

My adorable general manager is one of my favorite people ever, but would I ever choose to describe him as "sexy"…well, maybe not right off the bat. But with that flannel shirt, girls let me tell you, he looked like 100 bucks!

What is this phenomenon with the flannel shirt?

I will attempt to break it down. 
Remember, this is just MY OPINION, the world according to...well, me.

In a flannel shirt men look: RUGGED, MANLY

All women, no matter how sensitive we SAAAAAAY want our men to be, deep down we want our men to be no-nonsense, no-shopping, no-grooming, get down, dirty, fix it, open the impossible jar of salsa that's starting to hurt the bones in wrists, lift my suitcase when I am walking upstairs, take the pain, don't cry, don't whine, don't try on clothes at stores, don't you dare watch what you eat, go to the gym and be masculine but don't tell me you shaved your chest and don't tell me you're going to the gym either (I want your body to just naturally be that way), hairy, bearded, six-pack of beer, adorable beer belly and confident about it, bend me over and get it like how you want it, last for hours, give great orgasms, don't whine about giving oral sex, don't get clingy, don't be TOO good at dancing, don't need me- let me need you!

Am I right? Women love them some manly men, and who more manly then Paul Bunyan? Add a scruffy beard and tossed hair, and you got yourself a sex pot. 

I love me a man in a flannel shirt ;-)

Here's another reason why we love men in flannel shirts: THEY LOOK INTELLIGENT

It doesn't matter if they are or not quite frankly, give a normal guy a flannel shirt, throw on some glasses and he looks like you could talk to him for hours about Miles Davis over coffee, and he'd offer a second date at the local Arts Museum before heading to a poetry slam in which he would perform brilliant poetry off-the cuff, or from a crumpled piece of paper in his pants pocket, where he wrote a little something in 10 minutes flat with an inkwell feathered pen, and the words made you cry.

Whereas maybe idiots go shirtless in public on a hot day, your intelligent man will roll up the sleeves of his flannel shirt, hold your hand and whisper sweet nothings in your ear.

Your intellectual man in a flannel shirt will never cheat, he will be eco-friendly, know everything about current events, read the newspaper in "newspaper" form in the morning, he will not own a cellphone, he will ride a bike, he will read books, he will cook you prawns over a bed of zucchini risotto and save money to take you to the Montreal Jazz festival in July. He will have a full-time job, surprise you with truffles from paris and come home from work holding a handful of Alfred Hitchcock DVDS he rented from the only local and independently owned Video Rental store in your neighborhood and suggest cuddling up together for a Hitchock Marathon after making you homemade mini-pizzas with feta cheese and maybe butternut squash.

Oooooh I love me a man in a flannel shirt ;-)


Maybe we love men in flannel shirts because we want: A KID AT HEART

A man wearing a flannel shirt, might be a skateboarder, a free-spirit, a funny guy, a corky guy…he gives off the boyish look and we like that, because although most women want themselves a responsible MAN, they also want a guy that doesn't take himself too seriously.

Most men wearing flannel shirts, can't honestly take themselves too seriously. Especially if they're working with neon colors, or pink.


Here is one more thought I had on the man in the flannel shirt: 


My ex-boyfriend was a rasta-punk-rock-heavy metal loving, singer/songerwriter Dominican with dreads and often wore, yes, flannel shirts. Sexy. What can I say? The dude was fucking sexy. 

I'm woman enough to admit that haha.

I realized my attraction to him in the first place is the reason why I might be drawn to any man, he was a beautiful Black man (Afro-Dominican to be PC), and he wore flannel shirts!! Simple as that.

Oh, the attractions of a Latino/African-American wearing a flannel shirt. 
What is it about the underground look of a man of color in a flannel shirt?

I mean it's the Pharrel effect.

I think most women of color, like myself, at this point are OVER the thug with the duck walk because he's trying to hold his over-sized baggy jeans up while he crosses the street, the wife-beaters, the color-less jordans or black hoodies with the dwarf tip hoods. Hang it up.

I want me a skateboarding black man, a rasta black man, a dorky black man, a black man that can rap along to any Nas or Biggie song and also love The Doors and the Rolling Stones, and appreciates the lyrics of Joni Mitchell, fuck it, in short, a man you can't put your finger on, a man that breaks all stereotypes….he's not a punk, he's not a hipster, he's not a metal-head, he's not a hippie, he's not a white-boy wannabe, he's not a thug.

He's just a beautiful black man in a flannel shirt. 
And I want HIM hahaha, baaaaad.

What do you think about men in flannel shirts? I would love to hear your thoughts.

That's all for now.

Un Abrazo


  1. I am the biggest sucker for a man a plaid. Recently my love for a dude in flannel has evolved from the stereotypical "Dream of 90's" white boy who doesn't wash his hair & doesn't have a job - to the cool & confident, laid-back yet goofy man of color!

    Exhibit A: Donald Glover. Not sure if you're familiar with him yet or not ladies, but start with his blog and let him take you from there.

    This man is a writer, comedian, rapper, blogger, singer and overall beautiful specimen of the opposite sex. He's written for NBC's 30 Rock & Community and is a regular on both. I first discovered him when I was 19 in this gem of a skit here:

    He has grown up quite a bit since then & embodies all that is glorious & desirable in a man. Oh and did I mention he rocks the flannel with the hipster glasses hard? Donald Glover, you are my man-in-plaid come true. #

  2. I loved this post before I even read it! As a queer man and a lover of bears, the flannel shirt is the epitome of masculinity. Great job and I loved the pics!

  3. I actually just told a guy at my job that his flannel shirts were really working for him. He went out and bought more in different colors.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys!! I love to hear you love men in flannel shirts too, Jacob-and if bears are involved- even better! haha and Chris, my brother told me that everytime he wears a flannel shirt, he gets complimented- it's like magic! Nerissa thanks for the links girl, I am officially in love with DONALD!!! OFFICIAL- he's adorable. Can we both marry him? Check with you guys later ;-)

  5. I loved this article, cause I am a man who wears flannel shirts. I sell vintage clothing and am about to sell like 30 plaid and flannel shirts and was doing some research because I like to get creative when I sell. Your blog inspired me. I will probably uses some of your points as selling points when I list the shirts.

    I would like to know what you think?