Monday, June 10, 2013

Algunos Retratos

The curious thing about living on a small island, is discovering all of the unique and individual personalities that reside here!

The Dominican Republic is so rich in its Caribbean roots: palos, bachata, merengue, the bright colors, the delectable rice and beans, the beaches the rum and cokes ;-)

But if you look a little closer you'll see the diverse counter cultures within this rich culture: the punks, the hip-hoppers, the funkadelics, the sudo-intellectuals, the metal heads, the Scorsese fans, the queer culture, the tattoo artists, the graffiti artists, the installation artists, the poets, the performers, the feminists, the dancers, the actors, the fashionistas, the African-American travelers, the Rage Against the Machine fanatics, the acoustic guitar masters, the singers, the Reggae lovers, the hipsters, the dorks, the Caucasian American bilingual teachers, the European embassy representatives, the Dominican-Americans and everything in between...

You can meet everyone here: all shades, shapes and styles.

This small photo gallery just displays some portraits (retratos) of the people just might run into, on any given Saturday night in a bar in Santo Domingo.


That's all for now.

Un Abrazo.

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